The planet is warming, ice caps and glaciers are melting. As a result, sea levels are rising and adaptation policies to reduce coastal risks such as flooding and erosion are rapidly evolving. Authoritative, consistent, and decision-oriented climate services and platforms to support these policies are still in their early development. New tools and advances are needed.

Motivation for the CoCliCo Stakeholders Workshop

CoCliCo project, funded by H2020 EU programme, aims to be a Pan-European web-based platform to help better inform decision-making on coastal risk management and adaptation to sea-level rise risks. The platform will provide be open-source and enable users to explore present-day and future coastal risks and get behind these headline figures to understand the dominant drivers of change. We need help to design the platform so it has maximum use in supporting real-world choices. By bringing together leading stakeholders with a range of perspectives we hope to share existing best practices and identify common priorities to shape the development of the platform. We hope to better understand the most important scenarios, time horizons, and risk metrics to include on the web-platform; how the information is best communicated and develop a concise typology of climate decisions and associated information needs.

Why should I attend to this workshop?

Coastal climate services are rapidly evolving. By attending this meeting, we can collectively contribute to the co-design of these services. The agenda includes short presentations on the state of the art in our understanding of sea-level rise, broad-scale flood risk mapping, and adaptation to set the scene for our discussions. We hope you will be inspired to share your views and discuss with other stakeholders There may be opportunity to join our ‘champion users’ and gain early access to the prototypes of the web-platform. CoCLiCo Services Stakeholders workshop’s agenda:

If you are interested in attending the event, please click the link below.

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