The consequences of sea-level rise and coastal flooding cannot be underestimated. With 7% of Europe’s population living in highly exposed coastal areas, we need to plan now to protect lives and economies in the future. 

Authoritative data, based on the best available science, is needed now to support the decisions being made. All coastal European countries need access to accurate data and models and the ability to translate science into understandable, actionable knowledge to inform decision making:

  • Identifying priorities
  • Observing past trends
  • Exploring alternatives
  • Projecting the future

CoCliCo is a comprehensive system of coastal climate core services that is being developed to answer this pressing need. 

It is a Pan-European web-based platform that will allow access to guidance to help inform policies and investments to ensure better adaptation to the implications of coastal climate change. It forms part of a cluster of European funded projects addressing coastal adaptation, creating an “ecosystem” of climate services. 

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