Join us and SCORE at ECCA 2023, the influential climate adaptation conference happening from 19 to 21 June in Dublin, Ireland. Organized by JPI Climate and supported by the MAGICA project, this in-person event will host up to 500 attendees with live streaming and interactive hybrid formats.

About ECCA

This conference is a must-attend for adaptation experts, researchers, policymakers, businesses, investors, NGOs, citizen organizations, and more. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from Europe’s leading climate researchers who are using trusted data to develop cutting-edge climate action tools and decision-support platforms. Get inspired by real-life examples of challenges and potential solutions.

After Europe’s recent extreme weather events, including the warmest summer on record and severe floods, it’s crucial that we take action on climate resilience. Adaptation actions not only contribute to recovery and resilience but also help mitigate climate change, protect biodiversity, ensure citizen safety, and secure financial stability.

Our session

On Wed 21 June at 11.30am, CoCliCo consortium colleagues, Paul Sayers from Sayers and Partners and Carme Castañer from ICLEI Europe, in combination with Charmae Pyl Wissink-Nercua from IHS, will deliver the session “Transformational Change”.

 The session will include two presentations to set the scene:

  1. Assessing the scale of the transformational challenge at the coast
  2. Challenges faced and adaptation responses by coastal cities and towns across Europe

Followed by a panel session taking questions and inputs from the floor and online. Register for the event now!

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