Want to know more about the IPCC projections & planning for sea level rise

This event will present key statements on the sea-level rise from the Working Group I and II IPCC reports, including adaptation challenges. The authors of the report will present the latest projections, where to find the data and how to interpret it, and how practitioners can understand low-likelihood/high-impact sea-level rise projections and their use in adaptation. The event will conclude with the presentation of the joint policy brief from European Projects PROTECT, CoCliCo and SCORE, “When will a 2-metre rise in sea level occur, and how might we adapt?”

This event will be particularly useful for people working in coastal adaptation, integrated coastal zone management or at the interface between science and society, from journalists to science communicators.

PROTECT webinar: Monday 30 January – 3-5 pm CET

Speakers: Bob Kopp from Rutgers UniversityMarjolijn Haasnoot from Deltares and Utrecht UniversityKarina VON SCHUCKMANN from Mercator Ocean InternationalGonéri Le Cozannet from BRGMRoshanka Ranasinghe from Deltares, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education and University of Twente, Gaël Durand, Robert Nicholls from University of East AngliaA K M Saiful Islam from Drexel University,and Elham Ali from Suez University(TBC).

This event is free by registering in advance:

If you know someone working on sea level rise and coastal risk, tag them in the comments! It’s likely this event will be of interest to them. 

Information on the event: https://lnkd.in/ect–Aq6 

The policy brief: https://protect-slr.eu/policy-briefs/ 

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