Mean and extreme sea-level projections

The objective of WP3 is to improve the scientific knowledge and projections of coastal hazard drivers to provide more advanced marine dynamics datasets than available in the Fast-Track. To this end, WP3 collects and develops new high-resolution datasets of mean and extreme past and projected sea-level changes and delivers upgraded and authoritative datasets to be used as boundary conditions for the coastal flood and erosion models applied in WP4. Cross-cutting aspects, including uncertainty assessment, detection and attribution, downscaling methods and extreme value analysis are addressed in a horizontal manner in all WP3 tasks.

1 To identify gaps and potential improvements in climate datasets considering the stakeholders’ needs identified in WP1

2 To develop improved medium- and high-resolution regional mean sea-level hindcast and projections

3 To develop pan-European high-resolution storm surge and wave hindcast and projections

4 To produce integrated flood and erosion hazard drivers, including compound events, following the Integrated Scenarios, to be used in WP4 coastal impacts models and the Full-Track web-platform

This is a list of the deliverables that will be completed and uploaded by the end of the project in September 2025. We annually upload deliverables, so they are publicly available. Published deliverables are in blue. Click to view or download!

D3.1 Report on the state of the art DOWNLOAD

D3.2 Pan-European relative regional mean sea-level hindcast and projections

D3.3 High-resolution relative mean sea-level hindcast and projections

D3.4 Pan-European storm surge and wave hindcast and projections

D3.5 Pan-European mean and extreme total water levels and compound events, and assessment of the associated uncertainties

D3.6 Geospatial layers to be implemented in the Full-Track web-platform

MS3.1 Metadata and initial datasets

MS3.2 Boundary conditions for WP4 flood model

MS3.3 Delivering data to the Exploratory Tools

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