The coastal risk-mapping platform

WP2 has two primary objectives: (1) to develop the core web platform for coastal risks and adaptation; (2) to develop Exploratory Tools on a workbench interacting with the core web platform and supporting the WP1 Future Services. This leads to the following specific objectives

1 To identify the most appropriate IT solutions relevant to the CoCliCo web-platform

2 To translate WP1 user priorities into Integrated Scenarios and test the functionalities

3 To design the architecture and develop the web-platform for the Fast-Track and Full-Track using geospatial data layers provided by WP3-6

4 To develop Exploratory Tools on the top of the core web-platform

This is a list of the deliverables that will be completed and uploaded by the end of the project in September 2025. We annually upload deliverables, so they are publicly available. Published deliverables are in blue. Click to view or download!

D2.1Report on IT solutions for risk-mapping DOWNLOAD

D2.2Report on Integrated Scenarios and data specifications for use in WP3-6 DOWNLOAD

D2.3Fast-Track version of the platform and user guidance DOWNLOAD

D2.4 Report on functional specifications of the platform DOWNLOAD

D2.5 Full-Track version of the platform and user guidance

D2.6 Exploratory Tools

MS2.1Fast-Track – visual design & functionality

MS2.2 Geospatial data layers fit to the Fast-Track version of the web-platform

MS2.3 Design of architecture and back-end of the Full-Track web-platform

MS2.4 First release of Full-Track version of web-platform

MS2.5 Second release of Full-Track version of web-platform

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