Project Coordination & Management

The main objective of WP8 is to carry out effective technical, scientific, legal, financial and administrative coordination, establishing the mechanisms and management procedures to that end. WP9 is included here its objective is to ensure compliance with the ethics requirements set out in this work package.

1 To establish and run an efficient coordination of the project, ensuring the implementation of the project within the time and budget available

2 To establish and maintain the administrative support and the internal communication tools facilitating the coordinationof the project

3 To ensure compliance to ethical and research integrity rules, including consideration of gender and social inequalities

4 To monitor the progress toward achieving our Specific Objectives (criteria: KPI, Impact indicators and targets) and ensure adequate reporting to the European Commission

5 To manage knowledge and innovation within the project 

6 To ensure coordination with the relevant initiatives 

7 To liase with the relevant DGs at EU institutional level

This is a list of the deliverables that will be completed and uploaded by the end of the project in September 2025. We annually upload deliverables, so they are publicly available. Published deliverables are in blue. Click to view or download!

D8.1 Project Quality Plan (including a ResearchIntegrity Plan)

D8.2 Data and Intellectual Property management plan DOWNLOAD

D8.3 Gender and social inequality report

D8.4 KPI report, including External Advisory Board recommendations & Stakeholders Group requests and feedbacks, and report on coordinated activities with the LC-CLA-13 SCOREProject

D9.1 Ethics requirements: POPD – Requirement No. 1

MS28 Kick-Off meeting in Orléans(France) and Formal Set up of External Advisory Board and Stakeholder Group

MS29 Year 1 meeting in Amsterdam

MS30 Year 2 meeting in Santander

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