Built environment vulnerability and exposure projections

WP5 has two primary objectives: (1) to develop geospatial information on exposure of the population, economic assets and infrastructure systems along the coast, using the Integrated Scenarios defined in WP1; and (2) to develop a physical and social vulnerability database, that is, vulnerability functions and indices, allowing computation of risks given an exposed asset and coastal hazard.

The exposure geospatial data layers and the vulnerability functions and indices are delivered to WP6 to compute pre-cooked risk geospatial maps, as well as to WP2 to develop the core Full-Track web platform. Land use in WP5 allows estimates of roughness for flood modelling in WP4. In turn, WP5 uses accommodation and retreat models (from WP6) to appropriately adjust exposure and vulnerability projections.

1 To create an inventory of existing population, economic assets and infrastructure networks exposure and vulnerability databases

2 To fill geospatial data gaps in economic asset and infrastructure network exposure through high-resolution satellite imagery mapping

3 To develop consistent physical and social vulnerability metrics for coastal Europe

4 To develop projections of future population, economic assets and infrastructure exposure

This is a list of the deliverables that will be completed and uploaded by the end of the project in September 2025. We annually upload deliverables, so they are publicly available. Published deliverables are in blue. Click to view or download!

D5.1 State of the art and GIS layer on current vulnerability and exposure DOWNLOAD

D5.2 High-resolution pan-European exposure database

D5.3 Vulnerability metrics for Europe

D5.4 Projected maps of coastal population 

D5.5 Future projections on critical infrastructure developments and economic assets

D5.6 Final version of data layers to be implemented in Full-Track web-platform with an assessment of residual uncertainties

MS5.1 Preliminary version of exposure and vulnerability datasets following the Integrated Scenarios

MS5.2 First version of combined data layers compliant with Integrated Scenarios to be implemented in the Full-Track web-platform

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